Who is Jacque Cousy?

Jacque Cousy is a name you haven’t heard of until today, but he is someone you will most likely not be able to forget when it’s all said and done. Throughout my life, I’ve received extensive amounts of advice and wisdom and one assertion that has remained true is that some of the best things sometimes just come out of nowhere. The unexpected and unpredictable usually end up being the most meaningful and impactful. This is the case when it comes to Jacque; A Los Angeles based artist who is bound to make himself known through the art he creates.

In regards to music, this is something that has been in the life of the up and comer for a while and will prove to be the very vehicle that helps him achieve his 4 main goals in music: …to lighten up the world, stream incredibly well, tour the globe and order room service in a bathrobe everywhere. A forward thinking and ambitious individual, Jacque Cosusy gives much praise to the classics and tries to pay homage to them while staying true to himself. According to him, 70’s rock, 50’s ballads, 80’s funk and new wave are genres that people confine to the “indie” space, but Jacque cannot bring himself to see that. When comparing his music to others, it’s impossible to say that he is making music like anyone else, which is the strongest part of his artistry. In an industry filled with carbon copies, authenticity is lacking and the artists who live and create authentically will always stand out above the rest.

Jacque Cousy embodies the needs of the industry and his debut song is the start of an inevitable rise for the up and comer. According to Jacque, the new offering “Hell Yes Hello” is about the frustration of wanting a conventional life and being upset about it. A complex tango that shines a light on a conversation that is never had but most definitely needed. Jacque has a gift of pouring his truest self into the music he’s making and it’s refreshing to see the transparency and conviction he utilizes within the art that he creates. I’ve seen a lot of impressive debuts, but Jacque Cousy has set the bar for debuts to come.

His song. “Hell Yes Hello” is available everywhere, but check it out right here before you do anything else.