One of my favorite rising artists is finding himself back on our pages today, as he recently released a visual for his brand new single titled “white nails.” Thanks to Mike Irish and the Shifted Recording crew, the simple yet intriguing production stays cohesive with everything Shav has done up to this point. Shav first connected with Sage Baptiste to help bring the “white nails” story to life, as the two of them exhausted their emotions and feelings regarding a very relatable feeling that many of us have throughout our lives. The day before they wrote the song, Shav walked into a nail salon and had his nails painted white “after realizing my own boxes were self-imposed.” Shav noted that he “sometimes feels constrained or restricted” and that he “has to ask himself who’s really creating these restrictions?” For Shav, “fear of judgment and personal trauma” had him cooped up in, what he describes as, “a dark place for some time.” Fitting, to say the least, the music video is his first-ever and was created in a place comfortable for Shav, side-by-side with some of his closest friends. This release is by far my favorite prettyboyshav record so far and the music video makes it THAT much better. Be sure to stream “white nails” on all streaming platforms and watch the masterpiece visual below. Follow Shav on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on what’s next for the rising phenom.

Music video powered by SMOG. Directed by Dane Ray. DP by Danyal Niazi. Produced by Bob Tutiven. Art direction by Maya Solo.