When It’s All Said And Done… Take Time – [Giveon]

There is not a single R&B artist, or artist period, that I am more proud of right now than Giveon. Since our discussion last year, his career has skyrocketed to insanely big heights and he is gearing up for such an amazing career. Since then, his debut project Take Time has sold over 500k records, he released another body of work When It’s All Said And Done, and gained a nomination or the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards for Best R&B Album for his project Take Time. It’s been nothing less than amazing to see the career he has been having since the world first discovered him, and he is just now getting started. Today, he is back with not only a deluxe album which includes a new song, but he also just released the visuals for his newly-buzzing (and my personal favorite) record “Heartbreak Anniversary”.

Being the amazing artist that Giveon is, he is well known by now for his amazing penmanship and his ability to include the element of storytelling and recognizing the importance of it. His first project Take Time tells a short story about him falling in love with a woman, later realizing that it was not meant to be, and then dealing with the aftermath of the relationship. The end of the project closes out with a recording of Giveon speaking to his ex-love interest saying “We’re gonna make this work”, but there is no happy ever after ending here.

The intro to his second project When It’s All Said And Done begins with Giveon singing about how he’s not proud of his actions to reconcile the past relationship that broke him, as well as a recording of him speaking to his homies about how he’s over his ex. The rest of the project proves that to not be true, as this one is about the feeling of uncertainty, pettiness towards his ex, and confusion all in one as he comes to the realization that he is in fact not over his past love.

The idea to conjoin both projects into one long storyline was an amazing call by Giveon, as it brings everything in full circle. not only that, but it introduces new fans to his older body of work Take Time which is coming up on it’s one year anniversary very soon. With both bodies of work being short (a conjoined listen of just over 30 minutes), they both blend perfectly to paint a vivid picture of the story that Giveon has painted here. The new track at the end titled “All To Me” brings the power back into Giveon’s hands, as he discovered that his ex has come back to him because her new love has done her wrong. This song seals the storyline as things appear to have gone back to square one with Giveon, or as it seems.

In Giveon’s Instagram post announcing the deluxe album, he stated “the end of a chapter means the start of a new one”. While this is open to interpretation, his next body of work could tell the story of how things have been repaired with his past love, or if it has fallen apart again. While we wait, we get to enjoy the full-length story of When It’s All Said And Done… Take Time.