When It’s All Said And Done – [Giveon]

During our conversation back in May of this year, the Long Beach-native Giveon gave the readers tons of insight on exactly how his creativity works and how he crafts his art. He mentioned that he treats his projects like movies, spoke in confidence in the formula that him and his Isla Mgmt/Not So Fast team has created, and noted that he didn’t have a time frame, but was very eager to get back in the studio and do it all over again. While his breakthrough EP Take Time was such a success and gained him so much notoriety as a newcomer in the game, fans became antsy and eager to hear more of what he had to offer. Being an artist who isn’t super active on social media, and only goes live on Instagram every once in a blue moon, Giveon has always been focused on taking his time with his efforts, and coming back out when the timing feels right. That being said, here we are six months after the release of his last project with yet another amazing offering, When It’s All Said And Done.

If you were unfamiliar with the last project, Take Time was an EP that tells the short story of what it feels like to fall in love, get that high feeling of being in love, and experiencing that first heartbreak, all within the span of 8 songs. His ability to tell such a emotion-striking story with just 24 minutes of material is an amazing weapon to have in your arsenal of song and project crafting. This time around, When It’s All Said And Done is the perfect sequel to the love story that he started on his last project.

Picking up right where he left off, this EP tells the story of Giveon trying to come to terms with the heartbreak that he expiernced. The intro to the EP starts off with Giveon speaking about how he’s not proud of his efforts of trying to make amends with his past relationship, all while not really receiving any effort from the other end. The skit at the end of this record is a conversation he has with his homie where he’s seemingly sure that things are over with his ex, even while there is uncertainty in his voice when he says “Nah, that’s over with”.

“Still Your Best” is Giveon’s message to his previous love interest where he convinces himself (or try’s to anyway) that he’s over what they used to be. On this record, he even goes as far to try and downplay the new dude she has, trying to reassure her that Giveon is still the best that she has ever had. On “Last Time”, Giveon is accompanied by Snoh Aalegra with one of the best R&B features I have heard this year. Giveon and Snoh sing back to back duet style and exchange verses over some one of the smoothest instrumentals on the project. Giveon falls right back into the trap of love as he doubles back to his ex for “one last” link up, and this is where the reality sets in and he realizes that he isn’t over his past.  The story comes full circle on the final track “Stuck on You” when, well, the title is self explanatory.

With the production handled by his original squad that consists of Sevn Thomas, Jahaan Sweet and others, When It’s All Said And Done is the perfect continuation of the vibes that he set on his previous body of work. While it’s only four songs long, it serves its purpose as an appetizer in way, the prelude to his full length album that is slated to drop next year. While Covid is still here and alive, we can only pray that it passes in the next year. We need to see Giveon perform these classic records front and center at our local theaters. It’s always appreciated when we are presented with an artist that takes time with each and every sound wave they put into the atmosphere, and that allows us to embrace the music more. Still in his rookie year, we can only imagine the greatness that is yet to come from him.

Stream Giveon’s latest offering When It’s All Said And Done below!