Coming back after a hiatus can be a daunting task for any artist, but for Jaymz V, returning to music is carries even more weight, shadowed by the artist having been locked up for three years. On ‘What I’ve Been On Pt 2.’, Jaymz channels all those thoughts that have been simmering in his head since the project’s first installment which came out nearly four years ago.

Jaymz’s versatility is one characteristic that immediately stands out on this project as his ear for bright, catchy melodies contrasts his knack for energetic, ferocious flows. In his lyrics, he’s able to open his mind to listeners, unafraid to let them in on what he’s been going through since he last released music. He gets especially sentimental on standout tracks like “Tapedecks”, rapping “it’s crazy how I had to do the time and it ain’t make sense; it’s all up in the past tense, so I ain’t even trippin.” His straightforward verse gets tempered by a genuine tone in his voice, evoked by understated production.

Jaymz’s tight circle of close friends and collaborators bring out the best in him. Producer Caleb Stone arms him with a lush sonic landscape to work with, seamlessly going from piano-based ballad tracks to trap RnB bangers that allow Jaymz to tap into the range of his sensibilities. Qari, Supa Bwe, Mick Jenkins, and vocalist Natalie Shamoun all appear on this project as well, supporting Jaymz on his long-awaited homecoming. Listen to ‘What I’ve Been On Pt. 2’ below: