Danny Adams
Danny Adams
26 Jun 2020

When it comes to iconic artists coming out of Atlanta, typically Young Thug and Future are some of the first names that are mentioned. As far as the new wave of ATL superstars goes, there are countless names that could be listed off, but some of my personal favorites include Lil Gotit and his older brother Lil Keed, as I’ve preached on countless occasions in the past. Sure, there are numerous other icons as well as up and comers, but as far as I’m concerned, the few names I listed are doing it just as good if not better than everyone else. It’s also so interesting to me when the veterans come together with the rising stars in order to not only make incredible music but also to help boost their credibility more than ever before. Thugger has been known to be Keed’s older brother of sorts and although they’re not directly correlated, Gotit has had the blessing of getting mentored by more than one mainstay as he connects with Future for a brand-new track entitled “What It Was”.

As the foundation of the beat begins to take shape, constantly wavering electronic synths create a somewhat determined yet intense vibe that consumes your eardrums. Soon enough, after a few quick ad-libs and a drowned-out introduction of what’s to come from Future, clapping percussion and thunderous 808s come into the picture to really bring the instrumental full circle. Despite his intro being quiet and subdued, when Future comes in for the chorus, he’s full of life and brings such vitality to the track. His enthusiasm is infectious and captures your attention from the moment he speaks his first word. His cadence results in some quick lines that are spoken fairly rapidly before pausing briefly to take a moment to breathe and collect himself, just to repeat the same routine once again. After this, he tones his vigor down slightly and just toys with the beat, bouncing around and playing with his voice in a way that reminds me somewhat of a vintage style that he used to utilize more abundantly. This is all just in the hook as well, by the way. When he finally gets into his verse, he uses a delivery that is very unique and hard to pinpoint exactly how he came up with it. There’s not a ton of regularity to it which is interesting considering he keeps it going for a fairly extensive amount of time.

Without a second hook to divide the veteran and the new schooler, Gotit comes in virtually out of nowhere without any sort of warning. What’s interesting about Gotit’s part is that he almost sounds very similar to his counterpart with the vocal effects he uses, except the pitch of his voice is slightly higher and his words are a bit less emphasized, making them feel a little more ambiguous than Future’s. This portion didn’t last long so I was slightly confused considering it’s Gotit’s song, but I patiently waited and after a second chorus, Gotit went in for some more, thankfully. In this second verse of his, his words are mashed together a bit more but done so in a fairly tasteful way that brings out some interesting flows, so I was intrigued the entire time. As with a lot of songs the Lil Gotit creates, there are themes of struggles that eventually lead to success and gratitude for these scenarios, but people might forget these things considering the lyrics are spoken so hastily and not extremely clear at times.

It seems to me that with every new Lil Gotit release, his stock price goes up whether he has a major feature or he’s on his own. So many Rap icons not only respect him but praise him and his music, and for good reason as well. At such a young age, not many artists are able to hang with the big dogs quite as Gotit can, and maybe it’s partially due to the comfortability he has gotten used to being around his older brother. In my opinion, I think he’d be a star regardless of Lil Keed, but seeing them both gain so much traction within the industry simultaneously makes me excited for what’s to come from them in the future. There’s no telling if this single is going to be featured on a new project or not quite yet but either way, I’m just happy we are finally able to bump “What It Was”, and you should be excited too.