Well I’m Back… – [Ways]

For a musician to effectively communicate a sense of mental strain and anguish – even if those feelings are not as present in their lives as their music would like to say it is – is wholly impressive and admirable. But when an artist can seemingly effortlessly encapsulate their real-life struggles into a musical medium and have those feelings resonate at such a vivid and almost all-too-real level is something entirely different, and arguably far more impressive than the former concept described.

Numerous external factors have delayed the inevitable rise to stardom that noted underground pop act Ways was on track for throughout this year, and since those circumstances made themselves apparent and stifled the once-consistent stream of releases coming from this incredible talent, a great deal of emotional weight has certainly set in on their end without question. 

But instead of simply wallowing in this dreadful state and nothing else, Ways has taken it upon themselves to muster up all of these feelings into one powerfully chilling offering in their newest single “Well I’m Back…” 

This track lives up to its name in the most vivid of manners considering the last release from this Novagang mainstay was an entire 2 months ago, and to say that it has been a long time coming for a new release – especially with how quickly the scene they find themselves in has moved since then and is continuing to move at this very moment – would be a complete and utter understatement. 

And knowing how much talent they withhold given their incredible musicality that they have proven to display time and time again in the past, it is no surprise that this return is yet another outstanding offering in their catalog despite that aforementioned gap in releases being so wide. Ways put their truest and most heartfelt feelings on the line with this subdued and even depressive single, making for a track that is equal parts drowning and gloomy as it is remarkable and appealing. 

4am – one of the most frequent collaborators that Ways has worked with in the past – heightens both the themes and tones that Ways presents on their end with a beat that does nothing else but provide a remarkable backdrop to the given setting that is presented in the song’s entirety. 

One can only hope that this return prompts another incredible run in the same liking as the one previously accomplished by Ways earlier this year; this is a talent that their respective scene sorely missed for that extended period of time, and one that deserves to be at the forefront of that very scene considering how much they worked to pave the way for the status that it holds now.