Whenever he drops something new, Brockton, MA native Lord Felix is sure to take over headlines here at Lyrical Lemonade, and today, such is the case as fans receive a brand new performance of one of his first songs, “Weight Off”. Personally, this moment connects with me as “Weight Off” was the offering that put me onto Felix in the first place, and to see that the Massachusetts representative is still able to seamlessly tap into the song’s energy, even months and months removed from its release, is the sign of an artist pushing toward longevity. In addition, the live band aspect here adds to the magic of the song, as it receives a refreshing new flair which consequently highlights Felix’s adaptability as a performer. Needless to say, this video is certainly a promising note toward Felix’s future, so make sure you don’t sleep on this one. Show some love to Massachusetts’ own and check out Felix’s energetic new performance of “Weight Off” at the link provided below!
(P.S. — We need to acknowledge the brilliance of the moment right around 2:05 when Felix goes all in. Chills.)