Chance the Rapper can seemingly do no wrong. From his philanthropic way of life to the uplifting messages in his music, he’s such a great role model that the city of Chicago really needs. He demonstrates this with the release of his most recent music video for his song “We Go High” off of The Big Day. Directed by Elijah Alvarado, the viewer is taken on a journey through different emotions and mindsets. The video opens up with a woman finding a suitcase in a closet, picking it up, and leaving. Our first glance at Chance is in a club, where he looks lost and unamused, right before it begins to rain. He heads to an apartment where he picks up a suitcase of his own and begins to walk down a street full of people. He walks past construction workers, paparazzi, and hoards or people walking in the opposite direction. Finally, what seems like a simulation of his life starts flashing before him as he looks inside himself at his life, values, and morals. To round out the video, he meets the woman from the beginning of the video at a giant door. Soon after, a mass of people showed up behind them, and as the camera pans out, an almost blinding light shines through the window. This has to be a metaphor for Heaven, and the events that Chance goes through leading up to this moment show how even though life isn’t always easy and full of joy, keep faith and you’ll get to where you want to be. All in all, this video gets very deep and it’s extremely evident that Chance is trying to portray a message of perseverance and faith, which is done quite poetically. The actual video release is unique as well, considering he released the full video via his Instagram rather than other, more widely used music video platforms. Be sure to check out the incredible video for “We Go High”, and really take a moment to appreciate Chance’s message.

Words by Dan A.