way back 2 you – [Danny Orange]

Arizona pop vocalist Danny Orange is one of my favorite up-and-coming acts from the genre. Even though he’s only released two singles today he’s back with an impressive “way back 2 you.” Danny states that “way back 2 you” is the first single leading into my album “fun while it lasted”. Orange goes on to say that “it’s s about me going back to a girl time and time again, no matter what happened between us.” He felt that this was a solid first single because i was about how he felt at the time and was a relatable and vulnerable record. This will lead the charge into his album which the narrative will be more about the process of them splitting up and Danny growing as a person. The visuals feel cinematic and clean but they also have a simplistic look to them which matches the laid-back sound of the tune.

Check out the visuals for Danny Oraange’s new record “way back 2 you” below.