It’s hard to describe the incredibly chaotic yet focused orchestration and raw lyricism of Lecx Stacy’s newest single, “Water Your Face Plants.” The San Diego based artist bares all for his listeners, creating an electrically distorted moment of catharsis for all who have felt self-doubt creep into their lives. Lecx Stacy’s second official single is a departure from bright bedroom pop and an introduction into something grittier.

Brought to life by piercing guitars, driving basslines and haunting vocals, Lecx Stacy’s newest single manages to capture your attention almost immediately. The surging power of the guitar’s feedback creates an undeniably anxious atmosphere that is flowing not only through the song’s production but through Stacy’s delivery and lyrics. This raw moment of pure vulnerability is incredibly enduring, creating an intimate moment between the listener and the artist. Despite the song’s melancholic lyrics, Stacy manages to provide listeners with a soundbed of driving basslines that warrant an impulsive response. This bedroom-punk hybrid is impossible to not get lost in, whether its the intimacy of the song’s lyrics or blinding fit of angst exuded from the record’s production.

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