Watching Paint Dry – [Southside Anxt]

During the process of writing Watching Paint Dry, I hated the state of rap and I still do. So to keep myself interested in the process of learning, I decided to mimic the styles of rappers I respected, as a challenge. Watching Paint Dry has stylistic influences from MF Doom, Common, Aesop Rock, Jay Electronica, and Earl Sweatshirt. If you listen closely you might catch a cadence here and there, but I didn’t completely rip any of them off. Those songs are the result of me needing something fresh to listen to” – Southside Anxt

Chicago’s own Southside Anxt has re-released his 2019 debut EP, Watching Paint Dry on all platforms via Sparta Distribution. The Project FILO heavyweight lyricist has deleted his entire discography, but plans to re-release everything leading up to his debut album. At five songs total, the project showcases Anxt’s lyrical prowess while implementing subtle, yet ominously eerie production. Despite this record having been originally released three years ago, Anxt’s bars remain top-notch and on par with some of the most prominent emcees today. Despite possessing a naturally monotone voice, listeners will be able to grasp disheartening qualities of angst; a reoccurring thematic element in his music. To be frank, “Watching Paint Dry” is a relatively peculiar title in and of itself; imaginatively it carries an association of madness, or at the very least excruciating boredom. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of dark rap with impeccable poetry and vivid imagery, you’ll want to add Southside Anxt onto your radar. Start now by peeping the EP in full below!