As his career has progressed, Tyler, The Creator has only become more and more serious as an artist, and with that, we’ve seen less and less interviews from him over the last couple of years, so it’s always a treat when we get to hear from him in this format. I wrote extensively about his #1 album IGOR, as I thought it was such a well-executed breakup album that cements Tyler as one of the best artists of our generation, so I was happy to see this new video interview out with Zane Lowe.

Zane and Tyler talk for about an hour on a number of topics, but what stands out to me the most from watching this interview is the fact that Tyler has his sights set on even bigger and better feats. His new album landing at the number one spot is just one step in the process towards his overall goal as an artist. What that goal is, I don’t even think Tyler knows, but what he does know is that he’s playing the long game, and when all is said and done, based on his trajectory, and his values as an artist, he will be one of the most influential creators of all time.

Of course the two talk about the creation of IGOR and what it was like working with a number of artists, and with that they talk about Tyler’s influence’s and some of his favorite music at the moment, much of which inspired IGOR. The two also spoke about the influence of Odd Future, Tyler’s love for biking, and Tyler’s perspective on his works prior to 2017’s Flowerboy.

I can pretty much be certain that IGOR will take the throne as the top album on my personal year-end list, and while this interview didn’t give away too much about the story behind the album, it was still great to see where Tyler is at in 2019. Check out the interview below!