Today, I’m excited to introduce you all to TROSSTHEGIANT. Tanner Ross, AKA “TROSSTHEGIANT” is an up and coming rapper from Oceanside, California who everyone should keep a close eye out for. The Southern California native has only been rapping for the past two years, but has quickly put together a respectable following that is expected to grow more and more as he releases new projects. When I first saw a video of TROSS rapping, his unassuming stature did not scream “Future Hip-Hop Star”, but once he opened his mouth, it was very easy to see the potential he has to create an illustrious career in this industry.

Just recently he released a one take video set to Tyler The Creator’s “Potato Salad” beat (directed by Zach Sperazzo), and it’s nothing you’ll want to sleep on. Right off the bat, TROSS displays his quick wit, clever lyrical mastery, and unique flow, all while proving that rolling around the suburbs in a minivan can actually make for a pretty dope rap video. If this isn’t enough to pull you into the TROSS fan club, he has a lot more music on all streaming platforms, so give him a closer look. Be on the lookout for new releases by following his Twitter and Instagram pages. I predict that 2019 is going to be a big year for TROSSTHEGIANT as he begins to solidify himself as a force in the rap game, but go ahead and judge for yourself below!