Watch Sada Baby Make Tacos on “Follow My Recipe”

I know Sada Baby has been on the scene for a minute, but I was just put onto him a few months ago. I can’t believe what I was sleeping on because he’s making some of the wildest and crazy music in the history of Detroit Rap. His style is like a mix between hard-hitting, aggressive drill music crossed with vibes of West Coast Hip-Hop aesthetics. While some songs lean more one way than the other depending on the track, this is a style all on its own that I haven’t heard any other rappers create in my life. Aside from this unique flair, his personality levels up records more than I ever thought was imaginable. Whether he’s smiling, dancing, using different voices, or trying out new styles, he’s always experimenting with different sounds which keeps his music intriguing, fresh, and always fun to listen to.

I never knew I needed to watch rappers cook beyond Action Bronson’s “Fuck, That’s Delicious”, but CinematicTV created a show on YouTube inviting rappers to come in and show off their skills in the kitchen. They’ve had 9lokknine on to cook a prison brick, TeeJayx6 cheffing up a scam burger, and Lil Gotit creating a spaghetti dinner, among others, and Sada Baby is the latest guest in their kitchen bringing us his taco recipe. What rappers do prior to making music usually isn’t totally publicized, but Sada gives us some insight into his life before he was making hits. He said his Uncle Jerry gave him one of his first jobs in a restaurant as a dishwasher before getting moved up to a cooking position. The first dish he was making in the restaurant was actually eggs benedict, which he stresses was not his cup of tea, we’ll just say.

Considering this isn’t his first go-around making a meal, it’s evident that he’s got some skills beyond the basic essentials needed to make a meal. Even further, some of his expert insight on making the tacos taste even better is to smoke a little weed, claiming that the herb is going to be just what you need to elevate this meal to new heights. Beyond the little tips and tricks he reveals in order to make this meal pop, he also talks about his problems in the kitchen, including the ash from his blunts falling into the dish accidentally and how annoying it is that certain things cause grease to pop out of the pan and burn him. Although he mentioned that his Uncle Jerry gave him one of his first restaurant jobs, he shouts out a couple of other uncles for really teaching him how to cook, revealing that his first legitimate job was cooking in a strip club kitchen way back when he was 16 years old. Before signing off and digging into his creation, Sada blesses the meal with a quick prayer and dives in, approving of the tacos he brought to life in the CinematicTV kitchen.

I’ve always been a huge fan of finding out more about artist’s lives outside of music whether it’s through interviews or other content like this. Usually, the only things we find out about them, especially the more up and coming artists, are what they talk about in their songs. This normally consists of drugs, money, and women, but it’s clear that there’s so much more to these people than just their life as it relates to Rap. Although Sada might not be a Michelin rated chef, I had no idea he had actual restaurant experience and some of his little tips and tricks shed light on the fact that he actually at least somewhat knows what he’s doing in the kitchen. In my opinion, seeing artists in certain settings that aren’t necessarily common for them is interesting and always entertaining, and this is no different. If you’re bored during this quarantine period and want to learn how to make tacos at home, Sada Baby’s recipe is sure to be tasty, so follow along and give it a try if you feel up to the challenge.