RZA is one of the most legendary hip-hop figures walking the planet, and Big Boy is one of the most acclaimed interviewers in the world, so when they clashed for a brand new conversation I was eager to hear what they were speaking about. You will find RZA talking about plenty of things including the recent documentaries on Wu-Tang, the current state of hip-hop, scoring movies, working with Hulu, Wu-Tang being filled with alpha males, being a great writer & storyteller, writing a book, how hip-hop has changed over the years, Lil Nas X & Drake, the strength of the Wu-Tang brand, Logic, the idea of getting inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll hall of fame, being a student of the game, greatness not being individual, nostalgia, the legacy of ODB, Pac & Biggie, being a leader & much more. This interview was chock-filled with gems, take some time out to watch it and I bet you learn something new.