Watch Omar Apollo’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert

I don’t often stray too far away from writing about new songs, videos, or projects that artists put out, but every now and then, there are some things that give me no choice but to write about because I enjoy them so much. NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series is one of those pieces of content because it is just such a unique way of seeing a musician perform considering no matter what live performance they may put on, none of them are doing it inside of a silent office setting with an intimate crowd except for when they’re featured in this series.

Typically, singers and rappers are completely out of their element which gives you an even more unique look at their artistry and personality, but NPR’s latest guest seemed to be right at home behind the desk. I’m talking about Omar Apollo, someone whose natural skill set has always shined without needing to use an abundance of vocal effects or alterations to sound immaculate, so this bare-bones style of performance not only suits him well, but allows him to thrive unlike I’ve ever personally seen before.

Although he only performs 4 songs total, including “En El Olvido”, “Evergreen”, Petrified”, and a brand-new cut called “Endlessly”, the concert lasts a fairly long time thanks to the variety of elements, solos, and vocals that Omar showcases unlike anyone else in the world. We even get a look at his personality in between tracks as he talks to the crowd, shares some information about the songs, and even jokes about having to write some lyrics to his latest record on his hand to make sure he doesn’t forget the words. I’ve always been a huge fan of Omar’s, and this is just more evidence as to why I feel like he’s one of the most gifted singers in the world right now.

This performance is also part of NPR’s Latinx Heritage Month celebration, so the first song being sung entirely in Spanish, Omar’s proud Hispanic background, and even the Mariachi Band that performs with the Midwesterner are all fantastic additions utilized to celebrate this occasion. Most Tiny Desk performances are memorable for me thanks to the legends that have graced the miniature stage, but this one quickly became one of my favorites, so make sure you don’t miss out!