Watch OG Stevo perform on ‘1Take’

OG Stevo is a native of northside Chicago and an artist who I have become a huge fan of ever since femdot put me onto him, and earlier today his new live performance of “Neighborhood Hero” dropping via 1Take. This is a new series that is brought to us by the good people over at Classick Studios, a legendary place in Chicago that’s responsible for helping put out plenty of amazing music throughout the years, and now they are helping shed more light on some of the city’s finest young talents through this avenue. 1Take has quickly become one of my new favorite pieces of content, they have already built up a solid catalog, but it’s only a matter of time before this series is a must for any artist in or visiting Chicago. This song is one of OG Stevo’s most reflective tracks that he’s ever made, it’s a touching tune that hit even harder when performed live. Watch this new live performance below and make sure to subscribe to 1Take’s YouTube!