Watch Femdot perform “Bussin” on COLORS

There are few artists in the current music scene that are more important to Chicago than Femdot. He has been grinding for years, making moves on a daily basis to go from local legend to world-renown phenom, and it has been one of the most fun rises to fame to watch that I can think of. The way Fem is able to bridge the gap between his real-life stories and relevant, impressive sounds is remarkable, and his skills are nothing short of incredible. Despite his constant grind, it has been so cool to see all of his hard work pay off, especially over the last year or so, but it’s insane to think that this is still just the start of his potential being unleashed to wider audiences.

One thing fans can get excited about is the highly-anticipated release of his upcoming project Not For Sale, and as we prepare for that, he released a brand-new single entitled “Bussin” that certainly has me waiting on the edge of my seat for his next project because if it’s anything like this song, I know it’s going to do numbers and be massively successful. In order to gain even more buzz for this wonderful record, Femdot hopped on A COLORS SHOW to perform this song, and when thinking about the list of talented artists that have been included in this series like Smino, Isaiah Rashad, Erick the Architect, and Flo Milli, I couldn’t be more pumped for Fem that he was included in this dope series.

While performing in a vibrant green room in front of a dangling microphone, the beat begins with some soulful vocal samples combined with some bubbling drums and rattling percussion, giving a perfect foundation that Fem absolutely destroys. His flows are constantly changing and build off of one another in the most masterful, seamless way that further shows off Fem’s talents, and while he rattles off his lyrics effortlessly, his personality shines through as the camera pans in and out on the scene.

Some artists might not be able to live up to the pressure of such a unique and different series like this, but Fem takes the baton in stride and absolutely crushes every single part of this song and video, making it something you’re not going to miss out on for another second. “Bussin” has me beyond excited for Not For Sale and hearing it in such an exceptional setting makes it that much better, making Femdot’s A COLORS SHOW performance something you need in your life as soon as you get a chance to listen.