Anybody who knows me personally knows that Dame Dash is someone who I respect highly & have studied over the years, so when I saw that he connected with adam22 of No Jumper I was thrilled to tune in! Adam asked Dame some great questions touching on several topics including his early days growing up with Cam’ron, looking at himself as a superhero, creating his own all original content, exploitation, his relationship with Kanye West, Jay-Z’s deal with the NFL, his new businesses, the situation with Biggs, Roc-A-Fella, hustling, not judging people, being happy 24/7, how he deals with criticism, empowering his people + helping them reach their dreams, being honorable, Growing Up Hip-Hop, his other television endeavors and more. This is definitely one of my favorite interviews that Adam has ever done, which is a big statement considering his catalog, but don’t take my word check it out for yourself below!