Watch Chance The Rapper & Taylor Bennett Perform “Roo” on James Corden

Chicago brother tag-team Chance and Taylor Bennett have no shortage of memorable collaborations together in their music, and one of the most powerful meetings of the brothers’ minds surfaced this summer on the track “Roo”. The emotional cut off Chance The Rapper’s ‘The Big Day’ speaks to the unique bond between the two brothers, cemented by two of the most poignant verses on the entire album.

Yesterday, Chance and Taylor brought “Roo” to the Late Late Show stage, offering up a reinvigorated live rendition of the song. In front of clips from old home movies and sitting under streams of white flowers, both artists command the stage with their conviction behind the mic. The already-powerful track gets an even more uplifting treatment in this performance, thanks to a new arrangement of horns and live instrumentation to escalate the song’s most dramatic moments. Altogether, Chance the Rapper and Taylor Bennett execute a performance that thrives off of homegrown energy, making for yet another shared memorable moment in music between them.