Wasted Youth – [Landon Cube]

If you’re familiar with the few regulars we post about here on Lyrical Lemonade, Landon Cube shouldn’t be an unfamiliar name. His vocal range is impressive, and his genre-bending style of music keeps fans on their toes, never knowing exactly what to expect but having the utmost confidence that it’s going to be a hit. At first, admittedly, I thought he was just gaining notoriety because of his part in the Cufboys vlogs, but then when I actually took the time to listen in, I realized that his talents were truly something to behold, and I never looked back for even another second.

While his dexterity is never something to forget, he decided to come back stronger than ever with a brand-new single entitled “Wasted Youth”, and the outcome is nothing short of spectacular if you ask me. Opening up with an instrumental produced by Tito beats and Hilton, we are eased into this record with touching, emotional acoustic guitar chords before upbeat, moving drums and percussion come into the picture, adding a nice tempo to the beat that just bounces along throughout the entire song.

When Landon begins to croon, he remains pretty calm, cool, and collected, never getting too impassioned with his delivery but rather casually moseying along with the rhythm of the instrumental effortlessly while delivering notes that even the most seasoned of veterans in music might struggle with. What I appreciate about the production, even more, is the fact that the drums and percussion can easily fade out for moments, slowing down the momentum of the song and letting Landon’s natural talents shine more than ever before, showcasing them as if they’re in a hall of fame without taking away from his very impressive skillset.

At the end of the day, “Wasted Youth” is a track that is just an all-around feel-good vibe, and even though the Summer is rapidly approaching its end, it’s a song that will keep the sunny aesthetic going for months to come, so make sure you add it to your playlist right away, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.