Thanks to my man @gregisonfire‘s new playlist, I was hipped to an artist by the name of JustWarrenPeace this morning, and after hearing the song “Wasted Effort,” I simply had to turn to LL and cover this one. Backed by an ethereal instrumental and packaged with flashes of bubbling melodies and infectious bass kicks, “Wasted Effort” most notably allows JustWarrenPeace the opportunity to showcase his abilities as a lyricist. Naturally so, he rises to the challenge of playing alongside such a free-minded beat, simply floating atop the production without a hint of friction. With this, as a listener, my first impression of JustWarrenPeace certainly left me impressed, and the cadences with which he complemented this beat were simply perfect in pushing the track’s sun-soaked sound forward.

That said, “Wasted Effort” is certainly a worthwhile listen, so check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Produced by IHateMago