Waste My Time – [Yxki]

It says quite a lot about a current-day artist when they are successfully able to bridge the gap between past artistic tendencies and ones of the modern landscape as it stands through their music alone, but it says even more about their sense of artistry if they are also able to just as successfully do so through a visual medium at the exact same time.

This is an extremely rare feat, even in the age where aesthetics of the past are being incorporated into the sounds of the new age day by day. But that is exactly what Tokyo’s very own Yxki has accomplished with their new video for the incredibly-delivered track “Waste My Time” — and they have done so with all the grace in the world. 

The song itself stands out in such an impressive manner on its own simply for the fact that it goes above and beyond to truly transfix the listener with sounds of both the recent past and the apparent present, but what results from this combination is something completely nuanced in it style and tone alike. 

Yxki’s soft and blissfully sung vocals float atop a gently strummed guitar riff that sounds as though it would’ve been common in the saturated “emo rap” age of years past, but the manner in which their vocals are delivered here – what with their harmonious layers and corresponding effects – are an adequate representation of an all-too-contemporary approach without question. These two facets make for a listen that is just as interesting as it as enjoyable based on those facts alone. 

The video effectively matches this notion through its effect-ridden and blatantly nostalgic nature — as its atmospheric setting that cycles through an empty atrium and a solemn cityscape at night perfectly encapsulates the song’s sentimental and down-to-earth tone in its entirety. Videographer Harry Fisher adequately captures all that the song asked for from an artistic sense with the resulting product here, which was certainly not an easy task knowing how dynamic the given track is by itself.

Both the song and video alike do more than enough to prove Yxki’s immense artistic weight beyond a shadow of a doubt, and they effectively set the bar for what is shaping to be an incredible future for the young talent to further explore and impress even more.