Lee Mcintosh
Lee Mcintosh
30 Jun 2020

“Don’t take me the wrong way, cause God brought me a long way.”

-Kanye West

The legend that is Kanye West only appears every so often to premiere something—yet alone premiere new music. Whenever fans of Kanye see he appears on Twitter to get some tweets off, it’s safe to assume that something is coming. Rest assured, Mr. West mysteriously re-appeared on the timeline to share some news about all the things he is working on. That includes a “Kids See Ghosts” cartoon alongside Kid Cudi, a new documentary, and his forthcoming album, currently titled God’s Country—executive produced by the legendary Dr. Dre. He also teased a new song as well, and a small snippet of the intro with a release date. Now, anyone who knows Kanye, is well aware by now how he can be with release dates. Kanye releases need to be taken with a grain of salt in order to avoid disappointment. However, Kanye has not let us down this time, for he is here to deliver us his latest single and visual for “Wash Us In The Blood” accompanied by a Travis Scott feature.

Coming off of his 2018 release of Jesus Is King, lots of fans were not clear on what the next steps for Kanye West would be. With him stating that he was born again and a child of God now, Kanye’s entire demeanor had changed, and lot’s of fans were not as pleased with the musical path that he had been traveling down. That said, “Wash Us In The Blood” is a breath of fresh air and will serve as a reassurance to the naysayers of Kanye’s last body of work. This song proves that he has not lost a step at all, and can bounce around to his various sounds at any time, which still being born again at the same time. Kanye delivers Yeezus-esqe vibes int he song and the visual alike. The visual itself reminds fans of the “Black Skinhead” video from the 2013 Yeezus album, and the beat returns to those vibes as well.

While Kanye is alluding to a new project dropping soon, we never really know with him. However, having Dr. Dre on his side handling a lot of the work, it shows that he is very invested in the project itself. In the past, Kanye handled a lot of the work himself, with the exception of Mike Dean, Pusha T, and a few of Kanye’s other trusted music associates. This time around, putting the project in the hands of Dr. Dre was a great move for Kanye, and fans can have a bit more reassurance of actually getting this project in our hands (or our phones) at some point in the near future. While Kanye is known for many broken promises, scatter-brained ideas, and random thinkings, this time around he appears more focused and punctual than he has been in recent years. Rest assured, we are all eager to see where he will go from here.

Watch the visual for “Wash Us In The Blood” below!