Warning – [Lil Eazzyy]

2020 was an absolutely massive year for Lil Eazzyy, and it goes without saying that he didn’t get complacent. “Onna Come Up” was clearly his breakout hit, but if the title suggested anything, it was the fact that he definitely wasn’t even close to where he wanted to be, and he still had a ways to go before he saw himself in the spotlight like he was envisioning. Regardless, it’s amazing to see his transformation from just a few short months ago until now, and his song “Warning” is just another hit in his arsenal of bangers. Although his mixtape Rookie of the Year came out almost two months ago, he wanted to keep the momentum going by dropping a visual for this incredible track, and I couldn’t have been more excited.

Directed by SkiiiMobb and Yung Tada, the video opens with some drone shots of Eazzyy and his crew hanging out on an outdoor basketball court in a tropical setting as the bright sun beats down on them. Although there is no actual basketball in sight, Eazzyy and his boys bring the energy to the court, dancing around as animated sparks fly out at them, showing just how hot of an act he is right now. While they vibe out, they’re all showing off their various garments including Bape clothing, Dior shoes, and other luxurious and pricey clothes that only someone as successful as Eazzyy can justify purchasing. Later on, they make their way up to the rooftop of a building as a skyline decorates their rearview, and while these are the only two major settings, animations, filters, and their energetic personalities definitely bring this video to new heights.

Although. Rookie of the Year might’ve come out in a somewhat low-key manner, there is nothing low-key about Eazzyy’s talents, and the mixtape definitely proves this. With 14 songs that run almost 40 minutes long, Eazzyy shows his versatile sounds in a way that most artists could only dream of. While the majority of the tracks he takes for himself, he does recruit names like Tay Keith, Bizzy Banks, IV JAY, and even G Herbo on his very popular “Onna Come Up” remix, so these are some nice pace changers throughout the tape. I couldn’t be more excited to see Eazzyy continue to hone in on his craft, and I’m sure the millions of other fans across the country would agree, so while we wait and see what’s next, make sure you check out the awesome new visual for his song “Warning”.