War-[Lil PJ] ft. [Hunxho]&[Lil Darius]

Three of Georgia’s brightest new stars came together this week as Atlanta’s Lil PJ and Hunxho connected with Athens’ Lil Darius for a collaborative track titled “War” that Hunxho opens with his warm and uplifting melodic vocals, praying that God watches over him while he’s in the streets. After the hook’s close Lil PJ glides right behind Hunxho, singing confidently with poise and maturity despite being the youngest artist on the track, both reminiscing on the place he came from and exalting himself for being so close to making it, while realizing that if he wants to stay successful he can’t turn his back on his home or the habits that first made him successful. Lil Darius floats on the track with his playful southern drawl, reflecting on hard times, hoping to pull his friends and family out from the situation he currently is rising from. Darius has his hometown of Athens on fire and this buzz is rapidly spreading to Atlanta and beyond and is looking like he will be here to stay. ShotByWolf and Drekia Green handled the video’s direction and editing and the duo of LuhDan and TezToy created the melancholy, guitar-tinged instrumental that served as the ideal backdrop for these three to shine.