Walked In – [Kevin Powers]

As of late, it feels as if the state of North Carolina has been doing nothing but pumping out talented acts which includes artist Kevin Powers. His latest release “Walked In” is accompanied by a very clean and fun visual directed by Kosmic Shots which Kevin went coast to coast to shoot. The video set in Los Angeles, showcases contrast in the daily life of an artist, hanging in the pool by day and grinding in the studio at night. A bouncy and upbeat instrumental produced by Whit Kane sets the tone as Powers comes in with an incredibly smooth flow that immediately hooks you in. Speaking of hooks, the chorus is infectious and incredibly well, while also further cementing the braggadocios tone of the song. While the song is boastful, Kevin reminds us of where he came from with his blunt and to-the-point lyrics. All in All “Walked In” is a lively track that is put together well in all aspects. I recommend playing this song in the car with your friends as the 1:36 track time is perfect for the aux, plus you’ll get to say you put your friends on.

Watch Kevin Powers’ “Walked In” for yourself after the break.