Walked In – [Germ]

When I was first put onto Germ so many years ago, I was absolutely blown away by his artistry. Although he hails from Atlanta, he definitely doesn’t fit the mold that most music fans grow to expect from the southern city, but that’s what makes him even better, in my opinion. His skateboarding roots definitely contribute to his carefree, rebellious nature, but his energy and always vigorous delivery captivates your brain for the couple of minutes each song he releases lasts for. His production is always carefully picked to bring the most out of his talents, and although they’re typically hardcore, 808-driven beats, they complement his style in the most seamless manner, always elevating each song more than I can even put into words.

When Germ released The Hijinx Tape about a month ago, I was so excited to see the brand-new cohesive project that I got my expectations up to almost mind-bending heights. Luckily, he was able to deliver, and I didn’t get my hopes up for nothing. Although I have a hard time placing it in front of Germ Has A Deathwish because that was one of my favorite projects of last year, it continued his legacy and built on the already rock-solid foundation he created for himself for the past couple of years. We’ve been gifted a few different visuals to pair with some of the other standout songs on the mixtape, but the most recent music video he decided to deliver is for his incredible song “Walked In”.

As it opens up, Germ is waking up in his bed as he peaks out of the blinds and prepares himself for the day. His actions are fast-forwarded, accenting the hasty elements of the Budd Dwyer, AKA Scrim from $uicideboy$, instrumental, and he makes his way to the bathroom in his Bape durag to brush his teeth. A blurry cut scene shows a first-person view of him driving his Rolls Royce around the city before he shows up to some weed compound where he proceeds to roll a blunt and further prepare himself for the day at hand. Finally, when the beat drops, he literally walks in through a door and begins spitting his bars as the camera shakes with every single 808 hit. Other scenes show him being accompanied by a shiny gold bike as well as some buddies, including fellow G59 labelmate Shakewell as they hang out of the Rolls and encourage him to continue going off the rails with his incredible deliveries. Continuing on, we’re gifted additional shots of the marijuana grow house as well as close-up shots of his FTP-accented outfit while he smokes countless blunts, sometimes even two at a time.

The quick cuts and run and gun camera work in this visual keeps it simple while also accenting the rapid, off the rails nature of the track itself, so I think it did a wonderful job of bringing this record to new heights. Germ just seems to be having a great time living a carefree life and making the kind of music he enjoys because he knows he’s going to have countless fans backing him up and bumping his songs no matter what. It’s not hard to support him, though, because these songs are sure to bust any speaker and elevate your heart rate with their incredible liveliness and energy. I can’t even begin to think about how many times I’ve listened to The Hijinx Tape at this point, and I seem to discover and enjoy additional parts or elements that I never realized existed with every new listen. So, listen to Germ’s latest mixtape if you haven’t already, and if you need any sort of encouragement or catalyst to do so, the brand-new music video for “Walked In” should be the perfect incentive.