Walked In – [Germ]

Germ has long been one of my go-to favorite rappers in the underground scene. I found him through collaborations with some of my other favorite artists like Pouya and $uicideboy$, and ever since I was put onto his solo music, I haven’t looked back. His energy is absolutely electric, his voice is one of a kind, he can switch his flows up and rap better than most of the other artists in the industry, and his demeanor, although relaxed and typically calm outside of his music, is as sneakily vibrant as his style. No matter if he drops an individual song or has features, he always levels up his counterparts and brings the best out in them because they understand that if they don’t bring their A-game, they’re going to get completely overshadowed and left in the dust.

The only negative thing I can say about Germ, in my own selfish opinion, is the fact that he barely has any of his own projects out. While he has singles and features galore, Germ Has a Deathwish is still a mixtape that I constantly return to, even though it is such a short listen. It was just so well put together, featured some great guests, and simply brought out the best in the Atlanta rapper. That leads me to my last point which is the fact that he has such an individualistic sound, I always forget that he’s from the staple Rap music city because his music sounds nothing like any of the other talents coming out of the Georgia capital whatsoever.

I could go on and on for days about Germ and my admiration for his myriad of skills, but I definitely want to mention his latest single entitled “Walked In”. Some tiptoeing, mischievous piano keys kick off the production before the beat drops, and trap-like percussion and speaker busting 808s completely bring this instrumental together. Before the beat actually does drop, however, Germ continuously rambles a ton of phrases and sound effects into the microphone as a way to sort of amp himself up and get himself prepared to shred this song to pieces. It almost sounds as if he has a plethora of alternate personalities that all want a chance to speak, and they’re all coming out at once which prepares the listener ever so slightly for the chaos that is about to ensue. When the beat does finally drop, Germ’s energy is through the roof as he begins yelling his catchy lines and controlling the instrumental as if it was his puppet. It never sounds like he’s forcing any of his flows as they just come out organically in the smoothest and most intriguing ways possible.

His ad-libs are somehow even more enthusiastic which I honestly didn’t even know was possible with the levels of vitality he has in each and every bar he spits. What I enjoyed even more about the beat as the song progressed was the fact that at certain points, the piano would cut out but the 808s would hit harder than ever and vice versa, keeping things fresh and allowing Germ to utilize different styles and flows depending on how the beat was playing out during that particular portion. Before I knew it, he was done spitting, but the beat continues to play out for about thirty seconds. Although his parts were somewhat shorter than I was expecting, he made the most of his time and really made an impact from my perspective. As far as lyrics are concerned, Germ is always just destructive and belligerent with his themes, and this song is no different as he mixes topics like luxurious goods and violent actions together as well as other narratives, making it hard to predict what he’s going to discuss next.

The recipe for most Germ songs have a lot of the same ingredients, but they always work so well together that’s there’s absolutely no reason to change anything. As long as his energy is up, he lets himself run rampant, and the beat absolutely bangs, the song is going to be a hit in my mind ten out of ten times. He has discussed a possible project entitled The Hijinx, and although I’m beyond excited at the spectacle of this being a possibility, I also don’t want to get my hopes up because I’m not sure when it will actually come to fruition, so for now I’m just trying to remain patient and appreciate every new offering Germ blesses us with. “Walked In” is supposedly a single off of the potential tape, so hopefully this is a step in the right direction. You’re going to be blown away once again after you listen to this brand-new track whether you’re a fan of Germ or not, so give it a play and see for yourself.