LL intern
LL intern
20 Mar 2020

Two of the brightest young talents in the world of Rap music today are undoubtedly NLE Choppa and Roddy Ricch. Choppa has made a name for himself through an energetic persona, wild lyricism, and uncharacteristic flows that help him stick out amongst the pack. I know it’s probably awful of me, but I know a little less about Roddy Ricch, and I need to change that especially after hearing him on this new single the duo dropped. What I do know about him, however, is he spent so much time with “The Box” at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts that I couldn’t scroll through my timeline for weeks without hearing about it, so my negligence was at an all-time high.

“Walk Em Down” is the name of the latest single that the pair dropped, and it’s quite a spectacle. CashMoneyAP’s skills are in full effect as he creates a beat full of acoustic guitar, swinging 808s, and trap percussion. NLE takes the hook where he uses a melodic delivery to pave the way for an overly catchy basis for the entire track, before repeating the phrase “Walk Em Down” in a manner that’s sure to get stuck in your head. His verse following the hook is incredible as he talks about designer goods, violent actions, and even uses comedic references throughout. Roddy takes the second verse where he talks about his rough upbringing, but how he’s not worried about those hardships any longer. Within his part, he uses his vocal effects to his advantage as he swings on the beat flawlessly.

The accompanying video is as well-produced and clean-cut as it gets. It takes place within a makeshift town and in front of a corner store where NLE displays some of his creative and innovative dance moves, as well as on the hood of a Rolls Royce. Later on, he takes us inside a different Rolls Royce convertible as he drives through a scene that makes it look like he’s driving so fast that the lights are blurred around him, giving off a matrix-like aesthetic. The camera then pans to a window in an apartment complex where Roddy Ricch can be seen reciting his words in a room only illuminated by red-tinted lights. This room quickly turns into a nightclub of sorts with lasers and all, but Roddy is the only one inhabiting the room.

I knew this song was a hit from the moment I heard CashMoneyAP’s tag, but all of the different portions fit so well together. Choppa flows incredibly, Roddy is as smooth as ever, and the tag team aesthetic that they created made it seem as if they’ve known and collaborated with each other for years. The video is entertaining to watch, and NLE’s dance moves continue to get more creative as he expands his artistic portfolio. I also now see what I’ve been missing out on in terms of Roddy Ricch’s music because he has to be one of the most talented up and comers in the game right now. “Walk Em Down” is sure to be a go-to song for you and everyone else, so check it out and see for yourself.

Words by Danny Adams