John Isaiah Welsh is an artist from Baldwin, New York who goes by the name of Leuca. The 21 year old just recently dropped a project that is so good, I personally believe everyone should take time out of their day to stream it.

The five song EP entitled “Wake Up” is just one of the many projects on his discography that deserves immense praise. The first thing you’ll notice once you press play on one of the songs is Leuca’s mesmerizing vocals. There are certain people in this world who were born to sing and Leuca is definitely one of them. The way in which he adds his own personal flavor to every note he sings truly adds a refreshing depth to all of his songs. The 5 song EP is truly a musical journey. I advise you to cut out all distractions and try as best as you can to take it all in. It’s definitely a project worth checking out!

I’ve attached the Spotify link to “Wake Up” down below, so give it a spin and let us know what you think!