There’s something intangible that happens when a musician’s and music video director’s minds are on the same wavelength—something just sort of clicks at the right moment that resonates with a viewer and elevates the music to a different plane. The visual accompaniment for “Off Me! ‘The Wake’ Pt. 2’ offers a shining example of that harmony as hip-hop producer Slauson Malone and director Bolade Banjo execute a vision so aligned with the music that its difficult to separate the two mediums from one another.

The track off Malone’s sonically disruptive album ‘A Quiet Farewell, Twenty Sixteen to Twenty Eighteen’ offers up an ode to moments of transience. A melancholic guitar greets a listener before booming kicks and stabbing horns pull the curtain back to unveil a dizzying array of sounds that mimics the motion of a crashing tide. This motif of movement holds constant all throughout Malone’s record and Banjo, who also created the album’s cover art, meditates on this concept for the music video.

A member of the London-based art collective Gully Type, Banjo weaves together vignettes that depict phases of a relationship from the initial fall to the inevitable break. These short, non-linear compositions match Malone’s frenzied, jazz-influenced production style to force a viewer to appreciate the beauty in each of the love story’s individual scenes.  Banjo described the video, writing, “this story becomes just a moment, one that is as beautiful as the experience of being in it and which must be remembered, but not dwelled upon.” The story itself is acted out by artist Pink Siifu (who’s featured on the song) and Malone himself.

Bask in the isolated moments of Malone’s and Banjo’s world in the video below, and check out ‘Off Me! ‘The Wake’ Pt. 2’ here.