It seems that every day I come across artists that truly amaze me with their talent. With so much music dropping on a daily basis, there are still numerous amount of artists that stand out with originality. I was recently introduced to the music of TyFontaine, an artist with a huge ceiling capable of intricate melodic rap and booming R&B vocals. Last week Ty made an insane debut with his project Waiting on Ascension, which features production from the legendary Internet Money production house. Their eye for talent should be evident after the number of hits the producers affiliated with the collective have put out in 2019 alone.

What stood out to me immediately on Waiting on Ascension was how different each song sounds from the next. Most of the songs feature hitting hi-hats and plucking strings, but Ty is able to craft a completely different vibe with his melodic talents. The project kicks off with insane energy on big rap cuts full of emotion on “Lonely” and “Big Sosa”. As soon as the first few lines in “My Name’s Ty” was when I knew he was a very different type of artist, evoking thoughts of a SoundCloud Chris Brown. Where the project really goes to another level is on the tracks “Faith in Me” and “Imagine”, cataloging Ty’s glorious rise up until now and the level of confidence he has moving forward. This project will continue to get a lot of plays as I lookout for what is next from this promising artist.

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