Wait! – [Yung Gwopp]

If there’s one thing that I love about music, it’s the fact that it spans way further than any border or boundary could ever even dream of containing. We’ve got international superstars like The Kid LAROI, Skepta, and Slowthai, to name just a few, yet they’re setting examples for kids all over the world to chase their dreams and do anything they set their mind to as long as they have the work ethic and determination to get the job done.

For Yung Gwopp, he moved from rural Australia to the big city of Brisbane at a young age. While growing up, he listened to bands like Green Day and Blink 182 before shifting his admiration in the direction of more hip-hop-forward music. Discovering music production at the early age of 12, he was able to test out a plethora of different sounds that would eventually go on to form the foundation of his music, and after checking out his latest song “Wait!”, all of these influences are fairly clear throughout even with his own unique spin on things.

In the instrumental, we’re greeted with light, airy synths that sound almost Pi’erre Bourne-inspired prior to tapping hats and pithy 808s entering into the picture and truly tying the entire beat together. While the percussion begins, Gwopp takes a few seconds to half ad-lib, half hum in order to prepare his listeners for what’s about to unfold. Finally, when he actually begins to sing, his lines are delivered with such vigor and enthusiasm, yet there is an almost sorrowful quality behind his words that gives us a hint of the emotion that he is incorporating into this record.

While there is a familiar rasp within his vocals, he uses the minute and a half of the song that he actually sings on to heighten and lower his tone of voice in order to not only keep things as fresh as possible but to also show that even though he’s still in the very early stages of his career, he has enough versatility and dexterity to hang with the best of them.

Once again, as soon as I heard this beat, I almost expected a Pi’erre Bourne ad-lib to introduce us to Playboi Carti on an omitted cut from Whole Lotta Red, but the fact that Gwopp took us in an entirely new direction made a familiar sound come off as brand-new, and the fact that he made it sound so good just speaks volumes of his talents. While I get LAROI and even some Post Malone vibes from him, he’s almost calmer and more passive than those two, allowing his stretched-out notes to come off as natural and unforced as it gets. While I still have many questions surrounding Yung Gwopp and his budding career, I’ll be paying attention as much as possible moving forward and I suggest you do too, starting with his latest single “Wait!” which you can check out below.