vulnerability – [Remedy4Ej]

SoundCloud is a streaming platform that means a lot more to me than most other music listening stages out there. I admittedly haven’t been on SoundCloud a ton in the last handful of years, but it was on this very platform that I discovered some of my favorite artists ever. Even if you are just starting out, have little to no following, and are trying to make a name for yourself, it seems like SC is the first place you should start uploading your music because even if listeners only have the free version of the app, they have unlimited access to your discography (even if you have to deal with a monotonous Wendy’s ad every few songs).

This app has changed my life, and it’s the artists I’ve come across on there that have changed my outlook on the industry as well as my personal taste in music, and I will never abandon the streaming platform entirely because I’d be dumb to do that in any capacity. Although I get sent music daily from homies, publicists, and random people alike, when my friend sent me Remedy4Ej’s latest song “vulnerability”, the recommendation came through an email and an additional text message, both of which raved about how insanely talented this kid is.

I understood exactly why he gave Ej such high praise, though, and this luv and sekaniii-produced single helped put me onto the 16-year-old Connecticut native in a major way. While reading his Spotify bio, it appears as if he is influenced by a variety of musicians including Juice WRLD, Young Thug, Speaker Knockerz, and John Legend, so while these artists differ drastically, for the most part, they all demonstrate this deeper, more personal sentiment within their music that clearly shines through in Ej’s creations as well.

There is so much passion and power behind his vocals, and while his style completely leans in a different direction than his idols, these core details are consistent, bringing so much personality to life within this song. While on the hunt for other releases, I even came across a 5 song EP called relapse that came out a couple of months ago that features a few songs produced by kimj, one of my favorite hyperpop producers, so even though Remedy4Ej is on the come up, he has some important connections to help grow as he continues on in his career. I am excited to see what else he has in store, and just know that no matter what he puts out moving forward, I will definitely do everything I can to keep up with the rising musician!