Vintage Lee is one of those characters whose presence you’re immediately aware of when they enter a room. My first experience with Lee and her music was in 2016, when she opened up at a show I was seeing in Boston. Quickly realizing her effortless style and mysterious, pimp-minded allure, I went home and immediately started doing my research, leading me toward one of Boston’s most promising rising talents and one of my favorite artists ever since. Today, this support comes full circle, as Lee takes possibly her biggest leap yet with “Vintage Like Lee” — a brand new single alongside none other than MadeinTYO.

While this pairing may not have been something that many people saw coming, it makes perfect sense that two artists of such natural-born charisma would complement one another perfectly on a song based around their undeniably smooth styles. Atop production from Bizness Boi and Ye Ali, the two ride the hypnotic waves of melody, feeding off of one another’s braggadocious rhymes in the process. Furthering this, the prowess of “Vintage Like Lee” goes far beyond the surface, as their quick-witted chemistry speaks to MadeinTYO’s respected reputation as a talent scout of smaller, star-bound artists.

That said, Vintage Lee is, and always has been, one of Massachusetts’ premier artists, but now that she has a MadeinTYO assist to add to the resume, there’s even more proof that it’s only a matter of time until she’s everywhere. Check out “Vintage Like Lee” below and let us know what you think in the comments!