Veins – [Victor Internet]

In little over a year, Victor Internet (formerly VICTOR!) has gone from underground Chicago favorite to nationally recognized musician, and his buzz only continues to grow after opening for Cuco on tour earlier this year. The rising artist keeps his momentum going today with a new song and music video titled “Veins”.

From the moment it starts, it’s clear that “Veins” resembles a step forward for Victor in terms of production, ushering in a more polished sound than he’s played with before. Amid the more refined production quality, though, the core characteristics of Victor’s music remain consistent. The heartfelt lyrics seem to resemble a moment of reflection on how far he’s come up to this point and the transient period he’s in now as his surroundings start to shift. The same layered harmonies, pitch shifts, and dreamy melodies that marked his earlier songs still land on “Veins”—a reassurance that his sound has only grown stronger as his popularity increases.

Using the track’s emotional range as inspiration, director Matthew Castellanos and Victor give “Veins” a striking visual treatment. See the video for yourself below: