Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin – [Oz Sparx]

“Poundside pop … rocky …. diamond st keem …oz sparx….. sim Santana … Za sosa…. I might be forgetting some but they the young’s catching they waves right now”

-Meek Milll on the next artists coming up from Philly, via Twitter

Any artist will tell you, that getting that co-sign from one of the biggest artists in your own city, is one of the best things to happen early on in your career. No greater feeling can be felt than getting your art noticed by someone who is known for putting your city on the map. That said, Philly-native Oz Sparx got exactly what he needed when Meek Mill shouted him out last year on Twitter. That was all the fuel that he needed to ignite that fire in him and continue to go crazier than ever before. Here were are, with the release of his latest project, Vibin, Sliding, N’ Connivin, and he is proving he is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to creating a vibe, or setting the tone for a night out with the gang.

Being inspired by the modern greats such as Future, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert & Playboi Carti, Oz blends many genres and touches on many topics on this project ranging from drug abuse, paying homage to a NBA legend Allen Iverson, and speaking on his life maneuvering through the harsh realities of the street life. Recently being backed by Empire, this project perfectly displays Oz’s ability with minimal features–the only features here being fellow 510 Music Group member JGreen, and Warner Bros signee 2KBaby. One of the standouts here is “Motivation”, where he begins to get a little introspective on his life and drops some gems as well. “Money, power & respect, imma get it cause I’m the greatest” he raps–manifesting all the things that matter to him in this rap game and speaking it into fruition.

Stream Oz Sparx latest offering below and be sure to connect w/ him on Twitter!