Veins – [Victor Internet]

Transition is perhaps one of the hardest things that we go through in life. Whether for better or worse, change arrives with uncomfortability, and as a result, it’s always important to take a step back and make room for reflection in these moments so as to welcome personal growth. In Victor Internet’s incredible new release, “Veins,” we see this on full display.

Kicking things off with the line, “I’ve been out doing things, shit I never thought I’d do,” “Veins” immediately speaks on the change occurring in Victor’s life right now — both in its best and worst aspects. Sure, things seem to be going well for such a promising young act, but as with any growth, he, too, has moments of insecurity as he rises out of a stagnant state. Throughout the enthralling visuals, he balances this vulnerability with a comforting sense of confidence, at times literally ripping off his head out of what I view as the urge to sink back and take a moment to try and understand everything.

With this, “Veins” is one of the most personal releases we’ve received from Victor Internet to date. All the way from the vividly emotive lyrics to the soul-stained guitar riffs in the background, it bleeds authenticity, and most of all, it humanizes Victor Internet as a character that I know we can all resonate with in some way, shape, or form. Personally, “Veins” struck a chord for me, and by its very nature, I know that the song and matching video will be sure to do the same for a wide base of other listeners out there, as well.

Watch the “Veins” music video below and stream the newly-released song here!

Directed by Matthew Castellanos
Produced by Nick Scully