Vampire – [Payday] ft. [Danny Brown]

Payday is one of the first up-and-coming artists I found out about when I first started writing for Lyrical Lemonade over two years ago, and she never fails to impress me. While her first few mixtapes and EPs were somewhat elementary and full of endearing, teenage-inspired subject matter, she has come such a long way in her still-growing career, and even though some of these sounds are still incorporated, it’s obvious that she is no longer the kid she once was even just a year or two ago.

Now, her bars are even more precise, and her singing has proved her versatility, making her a multifaceted talent that has so much to bring to the table. Not too long ago, she released her latest project Rap in a Can, a 7 song, almost 14-minute-long tape that further proved her skills and ability to thrive in this ruthless industry, and that’s not something anyone should take lightly. Out of these tracks, she only included one feature in Danny Brown which was unexpected, yet very impressive on their song “Vampire”, so once I found out that she was releasing a music video for this hit, I couldn’t wait to write about it.

Directed by Oliver Boothe, Payday wanders through a park on a nice, sunny day before randomly coming across an old-school fortune teller machine that comes to life. Although it’s not shown, this fortune teller somehow turns the emcee into a full-on vampire equipped with fangs, blood leaking from her mouth, and more, granting the wish she makes at the beginning of this track. When this happens, she hops on her bike and rides through the streets, eventually showing up at a run-down party store that Danny seems to be working at.

Walking in, she takes a big bite of Danny’s arm, transforming him into one of her own before hopping into a hearse and whipping around town causing chaos to unfold. Later on, they get out and proceed to absolutely dismantle a pinata, whose head they hold up out of the car’s window to bring things to a close. Although this was never the collaboration I personally expected, being such a huge fan of both of these artists made it something that I can’t stop listening to, and the music video only makes it better. So, whenever you find some time, make sure to give the music video for Payday and Danny Brown’s song “Vampire” a watch and see this wild storyline unfold for yourself.