Valentina – [BrxkenBxy]

Rising artist BrxkenBxy makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with his new single “Valentina.” BrxkenBxy stated to me via email that, Valentina came to life while I was in a discord call with KayDrippedinSauce (producer) going through beats. While he was screen sharing, he played a sample with trumpets and before hearing any more of it I knew exactly what to do with the beat. Within the first 30 seconds of having the beat in Logic, I freestyled the beginning of the song. I punch-recorded while freestyling the rest and honestly just had fun making it. BrxkenBxy’s sound is becoming more popularized amongst the forum community such as Reddit and Discord. We’re literally seeing these young artists and producers blossoming from discord and gaining solid fan bases in an expedited time frame.

Stream BrxkenBxy’s newest single “Valentina” after the break for yourself.