Used To Hit The Road / OG – [G.T.]

Detroit, Michigan’s G.T. continues to prove himself to be one of the very smoothest artists out of a city that is teaching the rest of the industry how to move and has been a model of consistency in the process, showing other young artists just how willing you have to be to see the process through and give your fans new material no matter what. His rise to the top has been slower than many other overnight sensations from his city, but rather than be skyrocketed into the mainstream overnight, his meticulous come-up has given him a dedicated cult-following as a by-product that is certain to support him for a long time to come. Over the past two weeks G.T. has unloaded a pair of new visuals with his ambitious track “Used To Hit The Road” where he chronicles the risks he had to take to get to his money and explains that the initial drive from how he first made his money influences his hustle now that he is in the rap game. His other visual to “OG” is more subdued and slow-burning in comparison but is still rife with the streetwise wisdom that his fans love so much while also flexing his vocals with a melodic hook that separates G.T.’s sound from many of his city peers. I hope all these new videos are an indication that we’ll be getting a new G.T. project soon.