LL intern
LL intern
4 Dec 2019

It’s about time that 909Memphis makes his long-awaited but well-deserved debut on Lyrical Lemonade. I’ve been paying close attention to the moves that the Virginia native has been making for over a year now, and he’s impressed me the entire way. The approaches he takes to manipulate his vocals are truly one of a kind, and his talents along with the unique sound of his voice allow him to trade-off between musical love poems of sorts, dance anthems, and everything in-between.

Most recently, Memphy delivered his latest single called “Up to Sumn”. This track is an intimate ballad that truly shows off the singer’s versatility. I say this because the song’s producer, Woodpecker, lays the groundwork for 909Memphis to speed up his cadence at times but slow it down and stretch out some notes for a very raw and emotional feel during other moments. He does this with slower piano portions which allows for Memphis to hum and almost add another instrumental layer with nothing but his voice. Then out of nowhere, smooth percussion hits, picking up the song’s pace before eventually cutting out once again, giving an interlude sort of feel to the record.

Overall, “Up to Sumn” offers an ambient vibe with a bit of a spin on what music listeners might otherwise consider a classic love song. 909Memphis has been an absolute workhorse for the longest time now, so you’re probably at least familiar with his name if not his music. Either way, give this track a listen considering it could possibly be the last new song we get to hear from him in 2019. While you’re at it, catch up on all of Memphy’s other music as well because if you don’t, you’re missing out on one of Virginia’s brightest talents who’s bound to blow up.

Words by Danny Adams