Up Close And Personal With Cashoutajay

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with up-and-coming artist Cashoutajay. Born and raised in Long Island, New York to a mother of Greek descent and an Italian father, he grew up consuming America’s most adored experts and listening to hip-hop icons like Drake, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West. He’s wanted to make music since he can remember, hoping to claim a spot in music royalty. This summer Cashoutajay wants his fans to know that he is gearing up to release his new project ‘Lost In The Moment’. Check out his interview below.

Lyrical Lemonade: So what inspired you into making music?

Growing up, my Mom would always be playing legendary artists around the house like Kanye West, Tupac, The Bee Gees, and Nirvana. So from the jump, I was listening to all different types of genres of music. Once I started watching YouTube videos when I was older, I remember watching Kanye’s Stronger Music video, and thinking to myself this is the coolest shit I’ve ever seen. The visuals were so dope and the song! Once I got older, all I would do is listen to music with my earphones every day and goof off with my friends during class. I never really felt like I fit in with everybody else who wanted to graduate, then go to college, and then straight to a 9-5. 

That’s cool for people who want that, but I personally never wanted that for myself. Once I graduated I wanted to go straight to doing music full time. I know if I stayed focused and made good music, people would eventually catch on to my art. Once people started listening to my music and supporting it, it was a dream come true. Here we are today and this is just the start. Music means the world to me and when I record, it’s like therapy for me. I can just air out what I’m feeling at that very moment and make it into art. My goal is for my music to numb people’s depression and anxiety and to make their day and mood even better.

Lyrical Lemonade: Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in a small town on Long Island.

Lyrical Lemonade: Ok what’s your biggest regret so far?

My biggest regret so far was thinking everybody in the music industry cares about you and your art. That they don’t just think of you as a money grab. And I definitely fell for it at first. 

Lyrical Lemonade: So what do you think you have accomplished?

Well at first, seeing the numbers on my music up was cool and all, but not until I had my first sold out show at the legendary SOBS in NYC. Seeing 100’s of fans show up to see me perform was definitely when I knew damn like I’m really here doing this shit for real. 

Lyrical Lemonade: How would you describe the music you make in a sentence?

I would say the music I make is for when you’re feeling down, and you can just turn my music on and listen and it will just put you in a better mood and make you happier.

Lyrical Lemonade: Tell me more about your upcoming or recent project.

My First Album “LOST IN THE MOMENT” is set to drop this summer. With this project I wanted my listeners to feel every emotion, I’ve been feeling and going through while making this album. I wanted This album to have a mixed vibe and just be a whole experience for my fans. I can’t wait for them to hear this work of art, I put my heart and soul into it!!

You can stream Cashoutajay music below.