LL intern
LL intern
8 Jan 2020

NLE Choppa took the rap world by storm last year with his hard-hitting instant classic song “Shotta Flow” and hasn’t really slowed down since. He managed to stay on the radar of rap fans all over the country and after releasing his debut EP Cottonwood towards the end of December, he clearly hopes and plans on being a mainstay in the industry.

Speaking of Cottonwood, NLE is back in the spotlight with the release of a music video for the opening song of the EP “Untold”. If you didn’t already know, NLE played the game of basketball in his life before music, so this visual is without a doubt a nod to his first love. It takes place in a pitch-black gymnasium, and the only thing that illuminates anything is spotlights moving around in random directions. With these random spotlight flashes, you can catch a glimpse of shadows, dancers, and basketball players, with NLE going crazy with his dance moves throughout as well. What I like about the song itself is the fact that even though I love his typically uncharacteristic style, this song sounds more classic and trappy than his other releases, so it’s cool to see that he can sound good on this type of track as well.

Although I’ve seen better and more creative videos from the Memphis artist in the past if I’m being honest, the visual for “Untold” probably means a lot to the young Emcee considering he can pay homage to one of the things he used to love doing. I also don’t necessarily see the correlation between the lyrics in the song and the visual aesthetics, but it’s not the first time a song has a random video to accompany it and it won’t be the last. I’m just happy to see NLE continue to do his thing and be unapologetically himself. Peep the visual for NLE Choppa’s opening track off of Cottonwood, “Untold.”

Words by Danny Adams