Unapologetic – [Polo G] ft. [NLE Choppa]

The music scene in Chicago has always been absolutely dominant, and no matter how much the rest of the country may sleep on our more locally recognized talents, there are definitely some bigger names that are putting on for our city, and I couldn’t be more excited about that. It’s crazy that when I think back about a decade ago, Chief Keef was making unheard of waves, and I truly didn’t know what other emcees would be able to step up and join him in the spotlight. Since then, artists like Durk, Herb, Bibby, and others definitely lived up to those massive expectations and even exceeded them, so I’m always trying to pay attention to who would be next.

The artist that undeniably fit into this role was Polo G, and even before he released his album THE GOAT, he had an unmatched string of hits throughout his discography, so all of the recognition he’s been receiving is definitely well-deserved. This year, he dropped Hall of Fame which ended up at the top of our Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2021 list, which you should check out if you haven’t already, but he continued his dominance by releasing a deluxe version that featured the song “Unapologetic” that contained a guest verse from NLE Choppa. This duo works so well together because Choppa’s infectious enthusiasm always juxtaposes Polo’s more laid-back and collected demeanor, so this song was a banger from the moment it came into being.

The music video that was just released is nothing short of a classic as well, thanks to the directorial vision of BenMarc. While there are no crazy bells or whistles in this one, it serves its job as allowing these two emcees to come together and show off this fantastic song in another form, so I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Although they pretty much hang out in abandoned warehouses, speed around in drifting cars, and show off their expensive outfits, there is no denying this song’s addicting quality, making the music video for “Unapologetic” something you need to keep on your radar moving forward.