John Matraia
John Matraia
7 Oct 2019

Danny Brown’s brand new album uknowwhatimsayin¿ is the sound of the Detroit rap artist settling into a new chapter in his life. It’s been three years since the release 2016’s Atrocity Exhibition: an off the wall rap record that has proved to be a standout from the decade due to its erratic nature, dark topical focus, and ability to push boundaries to a point where it can’t quite be classified at times. 

Most have been wondering since then, how does one follow up an album like Atrocity Exhibition? Based on the singles he has released in 2019, along with his new record’s cover art and his overall appearance, all signs pointed towards a Danny that is in a better place than ever. And now after hearing uknowwhatimsayin¿ in full, that is further exemplified, as this is Danny having his most fun in years. Of course, Danny’s rapping is on point as always, and the production is top tier here, with credits from Q-Tip, Paul White, JPEGMAFIA, Flying Lotus, Thundercat, and more. Something else that stands out from this record are some extremely well-placed features, from Blood Orange to JPEGMAFIA.

The JPEGMAFIA contributions in particular need to be mentioned, mostly due to the fact that his work here proves his versatility to the point where he almost sounds unrecognizable, on both production and vocal fronts. He came through with a quirky boom-bap beat dominated by an organ on the Run The Jewels-assisted “3 Tearz”, and brought out his raspy singing voice on “Negro Spiritual”, which meshed together perfectly in the jazzy context of the track.

uknowwhatimsayin¿ is Danny’s most accessible and relatable record to date, but doesn’t sacrifice any of his artistic integrity, as he still proves to be one of the most versatile and creative rappers of our generation. While there may not be a ton to unpack on the whole of uknowwhatimsayin¿ compared to previous projects, it serves to be the point of this one. This is for a different occasion, and it’s refreshing. With these eleven tracks, Danny proves to us what makes him so great: he can pretty much do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

This is a must-listen 2019 release: check it out on every streaming service here and on Spotify down below!