Danny Adams
Danny Adams
8 May 2020

The layers and depths of music that come from the city of Chicago are truly mind-blowing. While there are undiscovered artists who are grinding tirelessly to make a name for themselves, there are also household names like Lil Durk, Chief Keef, G Herbo, and Lil Bibby, among many others. In between these two vastly different levels of popularity and recognition, there are countless layers of artists grinding to make it to the top, or at least to be recognized on a larger scale. When it comes to an artist like Fbg Duck, I would say he’s pretty happy with where he’s at. He’s very well known around the city of Chicago which is a big deal in and of itself, and I don’t really think he has plans on expanding to a national fanbase. His quasi-local stardom has gained him followers and a very loyal fanbase, and for that, I think he’s pretty well set up to do what he wants in terms of his musical endeavors.

As for his most recent release, Duck decided to drop a new song called “Ugly” and a music video to pair with it. Building guitar strums, church bells, crisp percussion, and bouncy, banging 808s pave the way for this drill banger to take flight. Duck’s deep voice takes over the entire song, putting every other aspect in a stranglehold as he spits his parts. He somewhat changes his voice every now and then, opting for a more lighthearted, sarcastic sound at times rather than his typically menacing delivery, but he still comes off as aggressive and assertive regardless of the style he’s using. His ad-libs are lively and animated, adding even more body and complexity to this already intricate offering. Duck’s personality really shines through on this track, showing that he’s creative and original while also being somewhat comical and descriptive. Don’t get it twisted, though, because all of the violent things he mentions throughout are very real possibilities if you talk down on him, so don’t let his entertaining disposition fool you. Some of the topics he covers as he progresses throughout this drill banger include running the game and getting to the money, taking what he wants and not asking permission, and coming from the bottom in order to ultimately live out his dreams.

This video takes me back to the original days of drill music visuals. Everyone in Chicago was hanging out in their houses with their crew, producing music videos on their own, and just vibing out as if it was just another day in their life. As this visual opens up, they’re focusing on a robotic Roomba vacuum cleaner that’s sweeping the floors of the house before the camera switches the setting to the kitchen. Duck and his crew are hanging out, pouring up liquor, and bobbing along to the song. Cough syrup bottles, pills, alcohol, guns, and money cover the kitchen counter without anyone thinking much of it, considering this once again seems to be just another day in their life. Beyond this, Duck takes us on a bit of a tour of his home, as he makes his way through various rooms and hallways, acting out some of the lyrics in his song and carrying a double cup the entire time.

Fbg Duck has always been one of my favorite local drill artists just because of the personality behind his music. A lot of drill rappers try and come off as edgy or tough because of the experiences they had throughout their upbringing in the rough parts of the city. Duck, on the other hand, mentions a lot of similar topics as everyone else but does so in a lighthearted and almost satirical manner which makes these messages come off as if they’re just normalized things in his day to day life. While it’s clear that he’s one of the toughest artists coming up from the streets, he didn’t want to just be another typical drill rapper, and for that, I’ve always respected him as an artist without a doubt. “Ugly” puts his entertaining persona on full display for fans to enjoy, so peep the new visual as soon as possible.