Time and again over the past year, 17-year-old VICTOR INTERNET (formerly VICTOR!] has proven his ear for bubblegum melodies that stick to the bare walls of self-produced beats. Victor follows suit on his new single “U Got My” while also delivering one of his most upbeat tracks to date. As steady, punchy drums build, he sings about watching someone he loves be with someone else, leading up to an addicting, falsetto hook. A quick survey into Victor’s Soundcloud reveals a little more about the Chicago artist’s influences, citing Childish Gambino in this song’s hashtags. The vibe is no doubt reminiscent of Gambino’s earlier work, and especially some of the more poppy tracks of his “Kauai” project. “U Got My” fits in the same sonic space as Victor’s other tracks so far, but it also shows signs of an exciting direction of his music that we will hopefully get to see more of in the future.